ASHRAE Technical Committee 4.1 - Load Calculation Data and Procedures


Welcome to the ASHRAE TC 4.1 Web Site.  If you would like to become involved with the committee, please attend one of our meetings that take place during the ASHRAE Winter and Annual meetings, or contact the Committee Chair.  New members are always welcome!

Scope.  TC 4.1 is concerned with the identification and compilation of engineering data, and the development of procedures for calculating heating, cooling, refrigeration and ventilating loads of structures.

Committee Structure.  TC 4.1 is comprised of the full committee and four subcommittees:

  • Handbook - Writes and maintains the load estimating chapters 17 and 18 in the ASHRAE Handbook - Fundamentals.
  • Research - Manages research projects related to load estimating.
  • Program - Develops and sponsors symposia, seminars and forums at ASHRAE semi-annual meetings.
  • Standards - Develops and maintains standards related to load estimating: Standard 183-2007 and Standard 203P.

Web Site Structure.  The TC 4.1 web site is divided into the following pages and sub-pages:
   Membership - List of current officers, voting members and corresponding members.
   News - ASHRAE and TC 4.1 news.
   Meetings - Information about the next ASHRAE semi-annual meeting and TC 4.1 meeting times.
   Activities - Summary of TC 4.1 activities.
      Program - TC 4.1 sponsored programs for the next ASHRAE semi-annual meeting.
      Handbook - Chapters of the ASHRAE Handbook - Fundamentals maintained by TC 4.1.
      Research - TC 4.1 research projects under development, ongoing and recently completed.
      Standards - Standards for which TC 4.1 is the cognizant technical committee.
   Published Content
   Links - Links to useful ASHRAE information.
   FAQ - Frequently asked questions.
   ListServ - ASHRAE list server information.

Recently Posted Material.

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  • (2015-01-01) Updates to Meetings, Programs, Research and Standards pages for 2015 Winter Conference.
  • (2014-07-05) Updated Membership page with 2014-2015 roster. Minor updates to News and Program pages.
  • (2014-06-17) Updated News, Membership, Meetings, Activities, Program, Handbook, Research pages.